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New Beginnings's core mission and values are embedded into an employee's career here. We work to ensure we give our employees a career and compensation model which will allow them to grow within the Forensic Mental Health Treatment field.


Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off (PTO) is an important component of the  New Beginnings  Career and Compensation Model. We understand the value of work+life balance especially in the type of work  New Beginnings provides and has tailored our PTO model to allow our staff ample time to decompress.


We also understand that time off becomes more important as you take on more responsibility, so we provide additional PTO as you progress through career levels. We value our employees and want to reward them for building a lasting career at  New Beginnings. We offer additional PTO commensurate to your tenure with the company.



Medical coverage offers health care protection for you and your family.  New Beginnings offers regular full-time employees and options from ten medical plan options, provided through OneDigital. You may visit any medical provider you choose, but in-network providers offer the highest level of benefits and lower out-of-pocket costs. Network providers charge members reduced, contracted fees instead of their typical fees. Providers outside the plan’s network set their own rates, so you may be responsible for the difference if a provider’s fees are above the Reasonable and Customary (R&C) limits.



Dental coverage helps you maintain good dental health. The plan covers preventive care including regular checkups, as well as fillings, and other dental procedures. You may visit any dentist you choose, but you’ll receive a higher level of benefits when you go to an in-network dentist. Coverage is provided through Ameritas or Smile Saver. With an out-of-network provider, you may be subject to Reasonable and Customary charges that are not covered by the  New Beginnings  Plan, resulting in additional expense to you.



Annual vision exams not only help keep your vision healthy, but they can also identify certain medical conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol.  New Beginnings offers vision coverage through EyeMed Vision. Under the vision plan, you may use the eye care professional of your choice. However, when you use a participating network provider, you receive higher levels of benefits.


Basic Life Insurance

We provide companies with plans and options that give employees and their families the right level of protection at the right price - protection that will help care for their families in the most difficult of circumstances.



We believe everyone should have a chance to achieve the retirement they’ve always dreamed of. We have aligned our vision with PAI, to provide employees guidance to own their retirement and meet their retirement goals.



A discretionary profit sharing contribution may be made annually, after the close of the fiscal year, based on the Company’s profits. You become eligible for-profit sharing on your eligible earnings from the first quarter following your one-year employment anniversary date and provided you are employed as of the last day of the Plan Year.


Career Development

New Beginnings frequently provides in-house training for employees. Many of these sessions meet continuing education requirements for the certification required for employment at  New Beginnings. In addition to in-house training, we encourage employees who have completed at least one year of employment to take advantage of our training stipend to attend classes or conferences in relation to our services.


Employee Assistance Program

Our comprehensive WorkLifeMatters Employee Assistance Program, available through Integrated Behavioral Health, provides you and your family members with confidential, personal, and web-based support on a wide variety of important and relevant topics — such as stress management, dependent/elder care, nutrition, fitness, and legal and financial issues.


Working Advantage

This unique program gives you access to exclusive discounts and special offers to theme parks, shopping, movie tickets, hotels, broadway shows, and much more - with savings up to 60% Off!


This only highlights the  New Beginnings benefit plans and policies and do not provide all the specifics of eligibility requirements or other benefit details. Should there be a discrepancy between these Highlights and the applicable Plan Document, Certificate, or Company Policy; the Plan Document, Certificate, or Company Policy will govern.  New Beginnings  Program reserves the right to amend, modify, or terminate any of the benefit plans or policies at any time. Any changes or amendments will be communicated to employees as soon as administratively practical. Nothing on this website shall constitute a promise or contract between  New Beginnings and its employees.

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