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New Beginnings Counseling Center

Dedicated to the advancement of healthy relationships in our community.

Our Services

At New Beginnings Counseling Center, we are dedicated to providing private, professional, and compassionate counseling sessions designed to help you cope with factors causing anxiety, stress, depression, grief, and other mental health conditions. We offer a range of services tailored to address your specific needs and support you on your journey to healing and well-being. 

Individual Counseling:

In our individual counseling sessions, we offer personalized, one-on-one support to help you address your unique challenges. Our therapists focus on diagnosis and goal-oriented treatment, tailoring the approach to suit your needs. Together, we work to develop healthy coping mechanisms, build resilience, and achieve your treatment goals.

Couples Counseling:

Our couples counseling sessions provide a safe space for partners to jointly explore factors causing friction in their relationship. Through in-person sessions, we facilitate open communication, address conflicts, and nurture a deeper understanding between partners, fostering a stronger and more fulfilling partnership.

Family Counseling:

In our family counseling sessions, we focus on developing coping mechanisms within a balanced family dynamic. We offer in-person sessions that promote understanding, communication, and support among family members, fostering a harmonious and cohesive family unit.


For added convenience and accessibility, we offer Video Teletherapy and Teletherapy services. Through these platforms, you can engage in therapy remotely, addressing various mental health challenges such as stress, fear, compassion fatigue, unemployment, isolation, and anxiety.

Specialized Forensic Assessments and Treatment:

Our specialized services combine the Good Lives Model, the Containment Model, Relapse Prevention Treatment, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to provide comprehensive support for individuals in need. Our goal-based approach focuses on developing healthy coping mechanisms and reducing thinking errors. Individualized treatment plans are developed using dynamic factors and various actuarial diagnostics.

Group Counseling:

In our group counseling sessions, participants come together to support each other and address compulsive, embarrassing, and harmful behaviors in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Group members hold each other accountable and work collectively towards positive change.

Chaperone Services:

We offer support therapy for spouses, partners, and other family members to facilitate their understanding and involvement in the therapeutic process, creating a strong support network for the individual seeking counseling.

Polygraph Services:

For specific maintenance and instance offense testing, our polygraph services provide a valuable tool for monitoring and progress tracking.

At New Beginnings Counseling Center, we are here to support you with a diverse range of counseling services. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and discover a path towards a more fulfilling life.

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